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Healy Healer

Healy Healer Playing
Welcoming my Healy Guitars Healer to the family!  Mind blown.  Truly a special, inspired instrument filled with soul…living up to its name.  It was truly a pleasure working with my good friend Trevor on every detail of this.  His craftsmanship and creativity are second to none.  Going to make tons of...

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Soundsperiments Vol. 1

Soundsperiments 10
My good friend Jason Loblein and I present Soundsperiments Vol. 1.  An electronic music track composed on the fly with a mix of random objects, real instruments and heavy sound design.  Every object/instrument seen in the video coincides with a sound that you hear. We like to call it a...

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The Tintype Recordings – Atlas Gray – Before

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new video for our song titled “Before.” The video was shot by Ty Morin of 179 Pictures for a series called “The Tintype Recordings.” The series featured 6 bands from CT including West End Blend, The Mclovins, The Meadows Brothers,...

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Over the last 2 years I’ve been going crazy with buying and selling gear.  Always remember that real tone is in your fingers, but that doesn’t stop pedals/amps/guitars from being way too much fun.  Fortunately, many online retailers offer free return shipping and great discounts so you can try out pedals with...

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